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2nd Qtr Local 1439 Newsletter

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September 2020 Newsletter

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September Newsletter

A New Chapter

The newsletter has returned after an extended hiatus. Despite the inactivity of the website, Local 1439 continues to serve its members by including their interests in all decisions. The following newsletter will demonstrate the most significant changes and accomplishments of the team. From here on, 1439 will be devoted to informing members through the website, an initiative to stay up to date on technology and communications mediums. 

September Newsletter 

The 1439 Times

Our Very Own Union Newspaper

Twenty years ago, IBEW Local 1439 published the first issue of its newspaper, then called the “1439 News,” for May and June of 1994. The newspaper was on a trial basis at first but soon was made a permanent feature of Local 1439, and the name was changed to “1439 Times” in a Local contest.

This article below was printed, without a byline, on the cover page and still captures what our paper stands for. We offer it here as an introduction to THE 1439 TIMES archives:

Like any active organization, local unions have a story to tell. It is the story of people who have come together in a common cause for the benefit of all. It is a story of struggle, commitment and achievement. The 1439 News (a temporary name) will help us tell our story as it unfolds. In essence, we will be recording our history as it happens. This is important, because all successful groups have a sense of history from which they draw strength, character, and the will to overcome new challenges. This issue and a second issue for July/August will be printed and distributed to Local 1439’s active and retired members. The production and mailing of these issues have been approved by your officers and executive board as a new approach to better communications. These two issues are being published on a trial basis. The decision to continue with our newspaper will depend on the membership input, as indicated by your written comments. The 1439 News will carry stories about what’s going on within our own local news about negotiations, arbitrations, safety, benefits, elections, personal accomplishments, union sports events, retirements, new members, deaths, scholarship winners, announcements, meeting schedules, participation in charities, special event and more. We’ll also carry select news from regional labor bodies, the international union and the AFL-CIO. News from these sources will give us a broader understanding of what’s going on in labor today, the struggle and victories of other locals, legislation which may affect us, the names of companies we should boycott, trends in management and labor and changes in the Labor Department and the NLRB. We’ll also publish editorials and feature articles from nationally known labor writers who can help us put things in perspective. And we’ll add a humorous touch by printing cartoons by some of the best labor cartoonists in the country. The 1439 News — it’s our very own union newspaper. We think you’ll like it. But it’s your decision — tell us what you think about having your own union newspaper.


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