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Mission Statement

"To build a positive safety standard that our peers can trust and believe in. One where we collectively demonstrate professionalism, responsibility, and accountability for our own and each other’s safety behavior in an effort to eliminate accidents."

We are working toward a more solid safety program in cooperation with the Joint Safety Board and our Safety Representatives in the field. It is important to provide a safe work place. We will be having more safety meetings at the union hall - stay tuned!Safety - always!


Have a question or need to discuss a safety issue? Please do not hesitate to contact one of the Joint Safety Board members (listed below), contact the Local Union office, or download and submit the Safety Suggestion form (PDF or Excel)

Allen Wagner - (314)960-7507
Bob Ritter - (314)852-3909
Rodney Bozeman - (314)704-9942

Ameren Safety Page


  • To all members who may come in close proximity of 100 amp overhead porcelain switches, THEY ARE A SERIOUS HAZARD. They are continually failing and may, and have, caused very serious injury, if not a fatality.
  • Please download and read the following information regarding Fluke Meter Recall

Accident reports:
(provided by the National Sisterhood United for Journeyman Lineman)

  • Local 1393: Journeyman lineman pinned between to trucks, injury to knee.
  • Local 126: Journeyman lineman UTV roll over, multiple fractures to lower body.
  • Local 222: Three journeyman lineman passed away when they were struck by a car.
  • Local 47: One journeymen linemen were burned in a vault accident both received burns to upper body and one has passed away from pneumonia, a complication from the burns.