1439 Times are changing

     The 1439 Times was established in 1994 as a way to increase communication with the membership, to educate and as a means to unite.
     The paper has taken on several appearances as the paper quality and imaging have improved. It has always been distributed on a bi-monthly basis (six issues per year).
     At this time, we have decided to reduce the paper quality and change the distribution of the 1439 Times to a quarterly basis, beginning with the January-March 2016 issue. The main reason is to reduce costs. However, on the flip side, we now have multiple means of communication with the use of what we term “social media” and/or technology.
     Throughout 2016, Local 1439 will be moving toward a more advanced method of communication. We will better utilize Facebook, add Twitter, improve methods to electronically read the 1439 Times (smart phones, for instance), and redesign our website.
     I must admit I have been delaying the inevitable. Yes, I am at times a bit old-fashioned. Although I recognize the importance of good communication, we must make the necessary efforts to communicate with all generations of our bargaining unit.
     We must prepare for the future. That is, if we want to be around another 70 years.
     Your comments and suggestions are always welcome