IBEW Local 1439 adopts the mission statement of the IBEW on Diversity and Full Inclusion

Our mission, as members of the IBEW, is to provide a safe, inclusive, diverse, and respectful environment that unifies the membership and strengthens our union. As an organization, we strive for excellence, by acknowledging and building upon the uniqueness of each individual. 

The IBEW encourages and offers equal opportunity for all; regardless of age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or occupation. We, as members of the IBEW, encourage you to be advocates for dignity, inclusion and respect in your workplaces and your communities.

Combined, we are all the strength of the IBEW.

What is Diversity?

Diversity includes but is not limited to: Race, religion and spiritual beliefs, cultural orientation, color, physical appearance, gender, sexual identity, ability, education, age, ancestry, place of origin marital status, socio-economic circumstance, profession, language, health status, geographic location, group history, upbringing and life experiences.

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