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(updates on various grievances at the 4th Step)





New information on CBA benefits



Contract  Negotiations
(all contracts with Local 1439)


148 Credit Union

Check out their own website now open



1439 Times     (this is new)


Here is your opportunity to view the latest version of

the Local 1439 Times,

as well as past issues.



General  Information
(just info. on the Local including address, phone & fax numbers)


International  &  Other  Local  Union  News
(various websites and misc. information)


Job Posting Links

  Check out jobs at various utility companies in our jurisdiction

Ameren/UE and Atmos have multiple job positions - check them out now



Job Specifications   (This is new)

Check out the qualifications necessary for some of the most common

job listings for Ameren/UE. 



Local Happenings





Officers  &  Executive  Board  Members
( Local 1439 Bd. Mbrs.)



Photo Gallery

See photos of the latest Local 1439 events



Safety  Bulletin  Board
(Changed name from OSHA - all safety stuff)  

Our mission statement towards safety

DOT changes effective 10-1-10 regarding drug/alcohol testing



Other  Related  Sites
(more union-friendly websites)


Retirees  Corner
  (all retiree stuff)

New names have been added ! 

Check it out and see who's on permanent R & R




Right to Work Solidarity
           (activities from Unions across the county



Political  Action
(information and updates)

Union  Bulletin  Board
(fun stuff and current event stuff)

   Updated fun stuff and member information



  Union  Meetings  Scheduled
(a 3-month calendar of regular & special meetings)




Upcoming  Events
(1439 future events scheduled)

Updated activities, meetings, gatherings


Work  Rules and Agreements
(Company, Local, State and Federal laws etc.)

 New Equipment Grounding Policy



Contact us at via E-Mail at: 

(general mailbox)